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  • Political Participation of Women with Disabilities

    Political Participation of Women with Disabilities

Welcome to Home Page for National Council of Disabled Organigation

National Council of Disabled Women (NCDW) is a national level network of 99 grassroots DPOs working to promote rights and inclusion of women with disabilities (WWDs) through strengthening disability movement. It works in 27 out of 64 districts in Bangladesh From the inception of NCDW; ADD has been facilitating the networking wing to build a broader network for boosting the disability rights.

NCDW is coordinating the DPOs which contain over 10,000 active members and escalating the activities regarding the disability movement over the country. As a leading network of DPOs in the country, NCDW attributed many successes to having built good linkages with government, civil society organizations, NGOs and the media, which in turn contributed to the acceptance of disabled people within wider society.