Major Programmers

  • To organize the Women with Disabilities (WWDs) and DPOs through intensifying unity and strong networks from grassroots to national level.
  • To strengthen capacity of WWD and the DPOs and the networks to raise their voices in meeting the needs of Women with Disabilities (WWDs).
  • To sensitize the central and local government, civil society, NGOs, other stakeholders and community on the disability issues and come forward for creating an inclusive and just society for the WWDs.
  • Enhancement of economic conditions of disabled women through adoption of different skill development and IGAs and other wage base decent employment by mobilizing employers, local resources and other sustainable initiatives.
  • To empower the WWDs with boosting knowledge, skill and capacity and reduce the gender discrimination by promoting the women and children with disabilities for bringing into mainstream development process.
  • To create the community sensitive to disability having positive attitudes and impression on women with disabilities through minimizing the inherent notion of stigma by taking comprehensive action.
  • To ensure equal rights of The WWDs at every level of the state in terms of employment, education, accessibility to resources, health facilities, dignity etc through implementing right based approach and programmes.